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MUHURI sues former OCS over tout’s gruesome murder

[The late Caleb Otieno Espino. Photo/courtesy/MUHURI].

Muslims for Human Rights (MUHURI) has sued former Changamwe OCS, Yusuf Ibrahim, for the gruesome murder of Caleb Espino Otieno.

Espino was a tout in Changamwe before he was murdered inside Changamwe police station in September, 2018.

Espino died that night when police charged and pounced on him with wooded clubs, punches, and kicks. At some point, police put Espino in a tight chokehold.

Heartless police

Police handcuffed Espino from behind during the attack, preventing him from finding his footing when they violently pushed him, crushing his skull on a metal box at the cell corridor. Espino lay motionless.

An autopsy would reveal he succumbed at this point.

Coast General Teaching and Referral Hospital (CGTRH) where police rushed Espino marked the victim as ‘dead on arrival’.

Witnesses disclosed that Espino, while at the cell, demanded to know grounds for his arrest, which had occurred at White Castle Bar during a swoop on drinking dens.

Police demanded Sh10,000 from him.


Police ignored or responded rudely, without providing specifics. Espino shook the cell’s grill in return infuriating an officer who was on the reporting desk.

The cop called for reinforcement and pulled Espino to the corridor. Brutalities started, terminating his life.

Espino’s death outraged a community long hardened to police brutality.

His family and touts who worked with him for almost a decade staged widespread protests.


Espino autopsy was five hours at CGPH. His body was operated by four pathologists, who included Kenya’s principal coroner Dr Johansen Oduor – all whom police had threatened against showing up or operating the corpse.

A preliminary post-mortem study, which was later backed by a detailed toxicology examination, confirmed the case was a homicide.

[MUHURI Chairperson Khelef Khalifa. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

The autopsy revealed Espino died of multiple injuries on the head, upper cervical spine of the neck and chest.

There was a fracture due to blunt force trauma, bleeding within the brain, and injury on the upper spinal cord.

Pathologists saw bleeding into both sides of the lungs and the back. A rib on Espino’s left chest had a fracture. There was also a tear within one of his lungs.

The case will be heard on Thursday October 1, before Judge Adet Vincent.