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MUHURI wants the body of slain Mombasa youth exhumed

[MUHURI chairman Khelef Khalifa with Shafi's mother (left) at her home on December 3, 2019. Photo/Davis Mbunga]

MUHURI wants the body of Shafi Salim exhumed with view of doing a postmortem and establish circumstances surrounding his death.

In all police killings by law, there must be an inquest to establish the motive of the killing.

Any investigation that does not touch on postmortem is not complete.

“The family must understand that this is now a public case, not private,” said MUHURI Chairman Khelef Khalifa.

This means their consent will not be required.

“We are working with IPOA and IMLU to bring government and private pathologists to exhume the body for a postmortem procedure” said Muslims for Human Rights Chairman Khelef Khalifa.

Postmortem will help establish whether the shooting was at close or long range.

If close, this means police had an opportunity to arrest him but they did not.

Eye witnesses claim he was shot while on ground pleading, this is predetermined murder.

“Police who shot and those who were around are culpable. If they sent report of the killing to their seniors and no action was taken, then the bosses are part of conspiracy to commit murder,” added MUHURI Chairman Khelef Khalifa.

Meanwhile, Abdulrahman Maki who was with Shafi when he was exterminated has today been charged with being in possession of narcotics.

Police said he had six sachets of heroine.

He pleaded not guilty and he was released on Sh.150,000 bond.

4th February this year was set as the pretrial date.