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Nassir to lead quest for justice for Kwale Family


Mvita Member of Parliament Abdulswamad Shariff Nassir will take the mantle in fighting for justice for Kibundani family killed by security agencies on Saturday dawn security operation.

Kibundani area is within Msambweni Constituency that lost its Member of Parliament Suleiman Dori early this 2020 and Nassir has been tasked by human rights organisations Haki Africa and Human Development Agenda – HUDA to closely work with Kwale leaders in fighting for justice for the family.

Addressing journalists at the Coast general referral hospital morgue on Sunday after receiving the postmortem report, Nassir scoffed at the security agencies for recklessly using their firearms in terminating the lives of innocent minors.

“At this juncture, we cannot real differentiate between criminals and police officers, this is uncalled for and we need answers,” reiterated Mr. Nassir.

He said he will unite with Lungalunga MP Khatib Abdallah Mwashetani, Kinango Legislature Benjamin Tayari, Matuga Lawmaker Kassim Sawa Tandaza among other Kwale leaders to ensure justice for the late Ramadhan Mohammed Chitswa’s family prevails.

“I will be waiting for the full report on this particular inhuman incident since IPOA is fully informed before we present it to the floor of the National Assembly,” Nassir assured the family and rights defenders.

[Haki Africa Executive Director Hussein Khalid addressing journalists outside CPGH morgue. Photo/Atrash Bwana].

On his part Haki Africa Executive Director Hussein Khalid condemned the killing saying the human rights lobby is moving to court.

Mr. Hussein said police killed and injured minors and other innocent family members, insisting that justice should prevail.

“If we remain mum over this gross human rights violation then we will experience more of such incident in the region,” he disclosed.

Khalid appealed to IPOA to swing into action and unearth the police officers behind the henious act.

According to the autopsy report, Ramadhan Mohammed Chitswa, 42  was shot four times on the head, his son Ramadhan Chitswa, 6 was shot twice on the head and twice on the chest and his daughter Swalha Chitswa, 4 was also shot once on the head and twice on her chest killing all of them instantly.

The wife, Mwanahalima Mwachili, eight months pregnant was shot on the stomach, killing the foetus.