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Old town residents urged to cooperate during cessation

[Haki Africa Officials led by Executive Director Hussein Khalid (Infront-right) at Old town area on Wednesday night. Photo/Atrash Bwana].

Human rights lobby Haki Africa has appealed for maximum cooperation between locals and security agents in Old down so as to avert commotion.

Haki Africa Executive Director Hussein Khalid said the cessation move will deter them from catching or spreading Coronavirus among themselves.

Speaking after visiting the area to assess on human rights issues, Mr. Hussein said the Organisation’s mission is to ensure locals abide by the order so as to curtail the spread of Coronavirus among families.

According to Khalid, the government’s order is not meant to victimize anyone but to curb the spread of the virus.

“We are in close contact with the security agencies and the administration so as to ensure no one is oppressed during the execution of the government’s order,” said Mr. Khalid.

The organisation has also released hotline number to locals so that they directly call incase of any emergencies.

“This emergency response number 0755 000 555 is a 24 hour open line and its not only meant to serve Old town residents but the entire Mombasa County,” said Mr, Khalid.

Close monitoring

He assured residents that the organisation will closely monitor the human rights situation in the area so that all activities within the area run smoothly.

Khalid appealed for unison in taming the spread of Coronavirus in Old town and the entire Mombasa County.

The cessation was imposed after residents depicted high levels of indiscipline and rejected mass testing in the area.

They are to be confined in the same area for a period of 15 days according to government’s order.

A total of 7 people have so far died of the disease within Old town area.

The area has also confirmed 55 cases of Coronavirus cases.