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Over 1M Kenyans to Benefit from Safaricom’s Ndoto Zetu Initiative

[Safaricom CEO Peter Ndegwa. Photo/Courtesy/Safaricom].

Safaricom Foundation’s third phase of its Ndoto Zetu initiative is set to benefit over 1.2 million people across the 47 counties.

The initiative offers Kenyans an opportunity to partner with the foundation by nominating dreams and aspirations which they want brought to life.

More than 200 education projects, 44 health initiatives and over 160 economic empowerment programmes will be launched around the country over the next few months.

Bisil Health Centre in Kajiado County and Mathews Mission Health facility in Nairobi were among the first health facilities to receive their equipment which included a newborn incubator, beds, suction machine, ultrasound machine, an oxygen concentrator among other items.

[Some of the Safaricom education projects in rural areas under the Ndoto-Zetu initiative. Photo/Courtesy].

In Kiambu, Kiamwangi and Gachororo Primary became the first learning institutions to have their dreams brought to life after the foundation donated desks and chairs to the schools.

Since inception in 2019, Safaricom Foundation’s Ndoto Zetu initiative has transformed the lives of over 2 million people across the country.