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Police should own up their mistakes and stop inhumane acts

[MUHURI Rapid Response Officer Fahad Changi. Photo/Maxwell Ngala]

Police force should own up its mistakes and stop condemning human rights defenders.

Muslims for Human Rights-MUHURI Rapid response Officer Fahad Changi said that the time police will own up their disgusting deeds and work with the public in defending human rights and contain insecurity, they will earn public faith.

Changi said that the recent hidden atrocities committed by police officers have created a gap between the public and security forces thus the need for police officers to own up their mistakes and be remorseful.

Speaking in Mombasa on Thursday, Mr. Changi said that MUHURI has pushed for better working relations between security agents and the public, however police have openly depicts their heartless behaviors.

“It has become almost impossible for us to convince the public to work with the security forces since they see each other as enemies, how will we restore security, peace and order?” noted Mr. Changi.

He however denied that the human rights lobby was aiming at soiling the police service.

“We are only after individual police officers who have resorted to killing innocent souls, let the law take its course,” added Changi.

He said that the trend was very worrying and if locals do not raise their voice it will be the order of the day.

Changi revealed that Mombasa County has witnessed very disturbing situation where police officers kill instead of investigating, arresting and charging suspects.

He said there was an urgent need for a security dialogue so that the perturbing trend can be addressed.

Changi appealed to the police, judiciary, human rights defenders and the public to work towards resolving forceful disappearances, extra judicial killings and other forms of human rights violations.