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Protests against Kenya Power’s laxity

[The body of the late 34 year old Mwaka Dziwe who was electrocuted at Kombani area, Kwale County. Photo/courtesy].

Kwale residents will on Thursday stage a protest to the Kenya Power south offices in Ukunda in what is termed as setting the record clear over the company’s negligence.

The move has been triggered by the recent death of a 34 year old woman Mwaka Dziwe and her three months old son Juma Rashid at Boa village in Kombani area last Friday.

The late Mwaka Dziwe was carrying the three months baby Juma Rashid on her back whe she was electrocuted.

According to residents, Kenya Power Kwale officers have been sluggishly responding to emergencies and dangers occasioned by loosely hanging live power cables in residential areas.

Kwale residents and activists have vowed to raise their voices against the only public power supply parastatal that according to the resident has caused dangers and to extent deaths instead of properly serving locals.

Many residents have already confirmed their participation in the Thursday procession with many condemning the company for ignoring various concerns from locals.


Human rights lobby, Human Rights Agenda- HURIA Executive Director Yusuf Lule said for long time locals have been quiet over the manner in which the Kenya Power officers have recklessly handled emergencies and concerns from locals.

According to Lule, locals will no longer remain mum but ensure there is total efficiency among Kenya power officials.

“It is on record that despite locals complaining of live cables hanging loosely at Boa village in Kombani for over two weeks none of the officials went to salvage the situation,” noted Mr. Lule.

He appealed to Kwale residents to work in unison and push for justice for the mother and her son as well as to evade such painful scenarios in future.


“This is bout our community, we cannot remain mum as we witness sloppiness among Kenya Power officials, Kenya deserves the best and Kwale residents are no different,” he said.

[HURIA Executive Director Yusuf Lule. Photo/courtesy].

Already locals have been calling for total overhaul of all Kenya Power officers operating at the South Coast.

According to locals they have suffered perennial power outages, poor services and poor response to emergencies from the public entity.

The Thursday procession with a hash tag ‘KPLC angel of Death’ will kick off from Boa village where Mwaka and her baby died to Kenya power, Kwale offices in Ukunda.