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Rights defender released shortly after arrest, says life in danger

MUHURI' Rapid Response Officer Francis Auma at Changamwe Police station. Photo/ Maxwell Ngala]

Fearless human rights defender Francis Auma was on Thursday morning arrested and later released after a two hour detention at Changamwe police station.

Auma, MUHURI’S rapid response Officer said that he is yet to know the reason under which he was arrested but he suspect it was triggered by his efforts to ensure the late Caleb Espino Otieno a Mikindani tout who allegedly died at Changamwe police station in September get justice.

Auma said that he was told by Changamwe police that his movements will be closely monitored since he has interfered with police job.

He said that he will not be bowed by police inhumane acts and that he will pursue for Espino’s justice.

“My life and that of my family is in danger, police are after me but I have vowed to defend human rights,” added Auma.

Auma who was later released unconditionally said that police have been blaming him for crossing their ways.

“If I have committed any offence why was I not booked and taken to court?” he posed.

Auma said that he will carry on with his search for justice for the late Espino.

Espino succumbed to severe head injuries according to a team of pathologists led by government pathologist Dr. Johansen Oduor.