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Rights group to sue KFS for laxity

[Haki Africa rapid response Officer Mathias Hezron Shipetta. Photo/ Atrash Bwana].

The Kenya Ferry Services Company management will be sued for laxity, negligence and ‘don’t care’ kind of attitude according to rights defenders.

Human rights lobby Haki Africa says the government parastatal is not prepared to contain any emergency.

Haki Africa Rapid response Officer Mathias Hezron Shipetta said the level of preparedness at the KFS management is wanting and the rights defenders will not condone such recklessness.

Addressing journalists at the organisation’s office in Mombasa Mr. Shipetta said the human rights lobby will sue the transport organisation so as to enhance efficiency in service provision at the busy Likoni ferry channel.

Shipetta said the recent incident where ferry users were injured following a stampede at the busy Likoni channel clearly indicated the level of laxity in the KFS management.

Legal actions

“We are not surprised but equally disappointed in the manner the Likoni ferry channel is managed, this time we are promising the government parastatal drastic legal actions,” said Shipetta.

[KRCS officials attending to an injured woman at the Likoni ferry channel in a recent stampede. Photo/ Ahmed Omar].

He said locals using the ferry channel have been marred with fears following the reckless operations at the busy channel connecting Kenyan and neighbouring nation, Tanzania.

“We have witnessed normal incidents which instead of being solved immediately they result into a major hiccup causing injuries and even deaths,” said the right defender.

Hi called for a total revamp of the Kenya Ferry Services management and proper emergency response measures put in place to avert major crisis at the channel.

The concerns come after scores were injured at the Likoni ferry crossing channel following a stampede.