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Rights group wants justice for assaulted Woman

[Haki Africa Rapid Response Officer Mathias Hezron Shipetta during the interview. Photo/ Davis Mbunga].

Human rights lobby Haki Africa has called for an urgent probe on an incident where a woman was gruesomely assaulted at Mikindani in Mombasa.

The woman is said to have met her heartless neighbors who accused her of stealing a mobile phone.

Betty Mutie, 37 was whipped several times causing her severe injuries at her back and on the head.

Haki Africa Rapid Response Officer Matthias Hezron Shipetta condemned the incident saying it was not worthy such a ghastly punishment.

“We took the mother of three to Coast general hospital where she received urgent treatment, but we urge police to fully investigate the inhuman incident,” noted Mr. Shipetta.

He noted that such incidences have increased especially in areas with liquor dens within Ganahola area in Mikindani.

[Betty Mutie, the victim of assault. Photo/Courtesy/Haki Africa].

“These Chang’aa and other illicit brew dens should be shut down, they have contributed to social vices within Mikindani and other parts of the County,” noted Mr. Shipetta.

The human rights defender said that Haki Africa was closely following up on the incident to ensure Ms. Mutie gets justice.

He said that without urgent probe and actions against the perpetrators, such incidents will be recurring.

Shipetta further urged the community to always report incidences related to violence within their locality so that the human rights organisation can take immediate actions in a bid to arrest the situation.

The victim is still recuperating at her Mikindani home within Mombasa as investigations continues.