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Rights lobby wants police unearth businessman disappearance

[Haki Africa Executive director Hussein Khalid. Photo/Atrash Bwana].

A family in Bamburi, Mombasa County has appealed to the government to unearth the where about of their kin.

The family says their kin was allegedly abducted by police officers.

David Taitumu is alleged to have been abducted by armed men near Mombasa Primary School on August, 14.

Speaking to journalists at human rights Organisation Haki Africa offices in Mombasa on Tuesday, the victim’s wife Regina Karimi said they are only relying on the security agencies to find their kin.

She vindicated her husband, a Mombasa based businessman of any criminal record.


“We reported the matter to the Central and Urban Police Stations. We were told to wait but a month later nothing tangible has come out,” noted a pained Karimi.

According to Ms Karimi, the struggles of locating him bore no fruit since despite his mobile phone ringing, it went unanswered.

“When his car was located near Mombasa Primary school in Kizingo area within Mombasa Island, one of the windscreens was broken and signs of struggle in the car clear even to the security agencies,” she revealed.

The two have been living for two decades without any domestic hiccups.

His son Emmanuel Mutethia said his father is the only pillar of the family.

He called on the security agencies to pursue the matter to a conclusive end.


“He is the bread winner and the two of us are currently in university how will we even proceed without him?” posed Mutethia.

[Ms Regina Karimi addressing journalists on her husband David Taitumu disappearance. Photo/Atrash Bwana]

Haki Africa Executive director Hussein Khalid expressed concerns over dwindling security state in Mombasa.

He appealed for a clear explanation from police on the increased cases of people disappearing in unclear circumstances.

Shocking curve

“For the last 8 months, we recorded a total of 19 forced disappearance cases in Mombasa alone, six of whom we found and reunited with their families. The where about of the other 13 remains a puzzle,” noted Mr. Khalid.

He reiterated an insurgence of forced disappearance cases in the Coast region.

Sentiments that were backed by Haki Africa Rapid Response officer Mathias Hezron Shipetta who said Coast dwellers are living in fear over increased human rights violation.

According to the human rights defender, Kenyans and specifically the Coastal people lost faith in their own government long ago due to unanswered questions over enforced disappearances.

“Why do we even have CCTV cameras all over the County? These would have helped investigating agencies to nab those concerned in the human rights violation,” noted Mr. Shipetta.