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The pain is unbearable, I wish I could see my son- Khalid

[Husni Mbarak's Family participating in the Commemoration of victims of disappearance from (L ) Husni's Mother and Husni's father (in white shirt). Photo/Hussein Mdune]

The wrinkles on his face do not symbolize old age, the pain and desperation he has endured for the last three months is truly unbearable.

He has knocked the doors of all the police stations in Mombasa and the regional police headquarters at the Coast but he harvested nothing since the security agents had nothing positive to sooth his heart.

Mbarak Khalid has been through hell kind of face after his son was abducted by unknown people but believed to be Police officers in Majengo, in May this year. He was in the mid of Holy month of Ramadan.

He said that his 18 year old Husni Mbarak had never been linked to any crime leave alone terror networks, he wondered what had transpired that fateful day of 25th of May 2018.

“I have turned to God seeking his divine, I feel like am going to collapse and die especially when I look at the face of the mother and my other children, I barely get a nap,” he painfully retorted.

He continued, “I have searched for my son, asking every relevant authority about his where about but all in vain, Human rights defenders specifically Haki Africa has been my home for the last three months, the pain is truly horrendous,” he revealed with tears painfully rolling down his cheeks.

However, Mr. Mbarak is not giving up the fight yet.

“I trust in the Almighty Allah (God), I believed my son is safe wherever he is, one day we will be united and live as a happy family,” he hopefully revealed.

During the commemoration of victims of disappearance on Thursday 30th August in Mombasa, Haki Africa, a human rights lobby in the country revealed that a total of 100 people have disappeared in Mombasa County only in the last 5 years.

Haki Africa’s Executive Director Hussein Khalid said that the pain was unbearable for the families left without breadwinners or any shoulder to lean on.

“The government has the answer for all these problems where are these voices? we have been searching all over the region but all in vain,” said Khalid.

Khalid termed the forced disappearance incidents as very unfortunate and gross human rights violations, urging the security players to intervene and stop the inhumane acts.

He said that those who suffered the circumstances are under the age of 35 years.

Khalid said that Haki Africa will not relent in the fight against human rights violation in the country and especially at the Coast region of Kenya.

[Haki Africa’s executive Director Hussein Khalid leading demonstrators during the commemoration of international day of Victims of disappearance in Mombasa on Thursday. Photo/ Hussein Mdune]

However, while responding to the human rights cry on Thursday, Coast regional coordinator Bernard Leparmarai defended police officers urging the human rights defenders to work closely with the police so as to stop the security problem at the Coast.

On His part, the Coast police regional Commander Noah Mwivanda asked the human rights to furnish the top security agents with relevant details and reports of their complaints so that they can be acted upon.

However, the human rights defenders led by Haki Africa’s Executive Director Hussein Khalid rubbished the security agents’ defense insisting that the police have not shown interests in investigating the painful occurrences at the Coast.