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Transgender Community decries discrimination.


By; Mgandi Ngala


The transgender community in the country wants the government to fully recognize it.

Transgender activist Audrey Mbugwa said that the government has discriminated against them by denying them their rights as Kenyans.

Mbugwa the first transgender woman to come out of the closet five years ago said that the journey has been very tough since many people would condemn transgender persons without really understanding what they are going through.

While addressing a media awareness forum in Mombasa, Mbugwa, Transgender Education and Advocacy-TEA Programs coordinator said that Kenyans should be informed about transgender persons in the country to stop unfair treatment.

She said that it was difficult for other members to open up for fear of persecution and bigotry in their own communities.

“However, we will not relent but conduct a countrywide awareness campaign so that Kenyans understand who is a transgender person,” she added.

Mbugwa, a vocal transgender activist in the country and beyond said that if the right information is passed to the pubic the transsexual community will be accepted in the society.

“We are not under the Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex-LGBTI, community, we have a different circumstance that is why we are currently undertaking this campaign,” she said.

Mbugwa who was born a male but changed to a woman explained that her biological composition was not compatible as the one assigned at birth that’s why she changed from Andrew to Audrey.

She however singled out birth certificates, National identity card and traveling documents as important credentials that should be changed whenever one changes gender.

“Under this era it not about being male or female, some hormonal imbalance can make people end their lives if they do not get the required psycho-social support,” she reiterated.

She called for equally public services, universal health care and recognition of their rights as enshrined in the constitution.