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UAE based philanthropist Bhudarji Rach dies

[The late UAE based philanthropist Bhudarji Gokaldas Rach. Photo/ Courtesy/Ravi Rach].

The curtains have closed down for a selfless Africa and UAE investor and renowned community servant Bhudarji Gokaldas Rach.

The late Rach, a renowned philanthropist served as a lifetime Chairman of the Freshwater Group of Companies that comprise of Gold and Petroleum trading, UAE government contracts and initiated the B G Rach Foundation that has since become source of hope for the less fortunate families around the globe.

Freshwater Group of Companies stretches services in India, England, Malawi, Africa and the home turf, Dubai.

For decades, Bhudarji through the B G Rach Foundation has built schools, hospitals and orphanages for children and elderly homes in India, Malawi and in Kenya.

He also implemented a feeding program in those countries and in Kenya, Bhudarji through the B G Rach Foundation implemented feeding program targeting the needy since the Covid-19 hit the country back in March, 2020.

In the Coast region of Kenya, the feeding program was being implemented in Mtwapa, Kilifi County, where widows, widowers and orphans received monthly food reliefs.

However, on January, 24, 2022, the curtains closed down as the blossom was plucked off from the world.

Bhudarji Gokaldas Rach breathed his last, aged 96.

He left behind 4 children, 8 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren.

“However, his family was huge around the globe and not only us. Our grandfather through the B G Rach Foundation had become the father of many children he took care of in the world and mostly, India, Malawi and Kenya,” said one of his grandchildren Mr Ravi Rach.

Mr Rach is now bestowed the charity roles of his grandfather, since Bhudarji would not cease to be the provider of the less fortunate not even in his death.

“I am not only mandated to continue the community and charity programs my grandfather left behind but also to expand the B G Rach Foundation community project to elleviate human suffering across the world,” he reiterated.

The late Bhudarji was mourned by beneficiaries, business associates and Dubai based investors who termed him as a selfless, caring community servant.

Among those who mourned Bhudarji are HRH Abdulaziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia, Kamran Khan, Daniel White and many governments around the world.