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Waive registration fee to enable disabled acquire special IDs- HURIA

[HURIA Executive director Yusuf Lule Mwatsefu. Photo/ Davis Mbunga]

Human rights agenda-HURIA, a human rights lobby wants the government to waive the registration fee to enable persons with disability access special identification cards.

HURIA says that physically challenged people at the Coast lack special identification cards issued by the National Council for Persons with Disability following the Ksh. 500 required fee.

HURIA Executive director Yusuf Lule Mwatsefu said that many people living with disabilities at the Coast live in poor condition and cannot raise the amount.

He said that for the last two years the organisation has been working at Kwale County which has over 26,000 physically challenged people but who over 86 percent are not registered.

Lule said that the organisation has been able to reach around 1,000 physically challenged in its awareness campaign to enable them register and as well know their rights.

“However, we need more support in this course, remember we have over 26,000 persons living with disabilities, we must enhance our efforts and reach many of them,” added Mr. Lule.

He said that with such special identity cards, persons with disability can access various revolving funds from the government so that they can initiate income generating projects, as well as benefit from other government reliefs among them sunscreen lotion for people with albinism.

“Kwale county government is working on various policies geared towards uplifting the living standards of physically challenged, however this may not yield positive impact if the target group lack adequate information about the policies, their rights and the requirements.

Meanwhile, Lule has urged parents especially in Kwale County to quash poor cultural practices that has leg to stigmatization against people living with disabilities.

He said such practices are detrimental to the efforts of uplifting the living standards of persons with disabilities in the county.