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71 either killed or disappeared in a spark of one year- MUHURI

[MUHURI Rapid response Officer Francis Auma. Photo/ Haramo Ali]

Human rights lobby Muslims for Human Rights-MUHURI has revealed that 71 people were either killed or disappeared in a spark of one year at the Coast.

The human right organisation has further reported that most reported incidences were from Kwale, Lamu, Kilifi and Mombasa Counties.

MUHURI Rapid response Officer Francis Auma said that most of the mutilated bodies were found at Voi morgue with most of them beheaded.

He further revealed that some bodies were found at Manyani forest along the Mombasa Nairobi highway with postmortem reports revealing serious torture before being killed.

Mr. Auma said that such cases have posed as a major drawback in the fight for human rights and urged the government to own up its mistakes and work with rights lobbies in defending human rights.

Auma said that eyewitness reports revealed fully involvement of security agents in committing gross human rights violations.

“However police have denied being involved in these killings and forced disappearances cases, who is the perpetrator?” posed an agitated Auma.

He denied police defense that the human rights defenders were only aiming at attacking the government and specifically the security department.

“Human rights activists should work with police in ensuring fully adherence of human rights as stipulated in the constitution we are not government enemies,” noted Mr. Auma.

He said that the human rights space in the country was slowly shrinking and urged human right lobby not to relent but reclaim human rights space in the country.

He singled out police brutality especially when handling security issues as the most witnessed form of human rights abuse this year and asked police to desist.

Auma said that MUHURI was not against the fight against terrorism and extremism among the Coastal community but objected the manner in which the issue was being mishandled by police officers.

He appealed to human rights defenders to enhance their fight for human rights.

Interior Cabinet secretary Dr. Fred Matiang’i and DPP Noordin Hajj are meeting the rights defenders in a bid to tame human rights violation in the country and especially at the Coast.