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Where is Hemed Salim? Rights defenders return to court

[Photos of Hemed Salim abduction. Photo/courtesy].

Human rights defenders on Wednesday returned at the Mombasa high court demanding to know the where about of a forced disappearance victim Hemed Salim.

Police were on 2nd, February, 2014 captured on Camera abducting Salim and bundled him into there waiting police vehicle.

The incident happened at 9 am during the Musa mosque raid where at least 10 people among them minors were killed by police inside the mosque.

Tens of young men were injured while hundreds including minors of up to 9 years were arrested detained by police for at least a week in unknown area.

Some were later released but others, their whereabouts to date remain a puzzle.


 Anti-Terrorism Police Unit (ATPU) officials said Muslim clerics were offering ‘jihadists’ classes at the Masjid Musa in Majengo, Mombasa.

The mosque was later shut down and was reopened one year later after a series of meetings between security agencies, human rights defenders and both Christian and Muslim religious leaders.

While testifying before high court judge Justice Dora Chepkwony at the Mombasa high court on Wednesday, Haki Africa Executive Director Hussein Khalid accused the police for brutally handling Hemed instead of arresting him and prefer charges against him in court.

He said police failed to produce any evidence before the court of law that indeed Salim was a terrorist or was proving ‘jihad’ classes to the youth at Musa mosque.


“His family has been living in acute poverty and in agony since he was the sole bread winner,” he told the court.

[Haki Africa Executive Director Hussein Khalid (holding holy Q’uran before court on Wednesday. Photo/Ali Chete].

The human rights defender once again asked police to produce Hemed whether dead or alive so that they can charge him before court if he is still alive and allow the family to bury him if already dead.

Gross rights violation

Mr. Khalid termed it as gross human rights violation that should not be condoned in the country.

Hemed’s wife Saada Hemed also testified in the case saying she has gone through psychological torture since the disappearance of her husband.

She painfully appealed to the court to help her locate her husband since she has been for the last six years subjected to pain and suffering.

Hearing continues at the Mombasa high court before high court judge justice Dora Chepkwony.