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Youth challenged to be focussed

[KRCS Mombasa branch Chairperson Mahmoud Noor. Photo/courtesy].

Youth in the Coast region have been challenged to take the lead role in enhancing peace and coexistence among their communities.

The youth have been further tasked to deter from criminal activities and being misused to breach peace in the region.

The Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) Mombasa branch Chairperson Mahmoud Noor said youth remain critical component in any society and if misused they will leave a major generation gap.

Addressing youth during the second edition of the annual Community Based Organisation (CBO) soccer tournament at the Serani grounds in Mombasa, Noor said the tournament is aimed at fostering peace and coexistence among various communities within Mombasa county.

He said apart from the peace and coexistence agenda, the tournament also aims at creating opportunities for the participants who get the chance to engage dignitaries attending the tournament.

“If youth are well equipped with adequate information and are aided at initiating their own income generating projects then no one will misuse them to breach peace,” noted Mr. Noor.


He said as the 2022 politics hots-up, it is time to safeguard the youth and enable them sustain themselves.

“As a country we have experienced nasty encounters where youth are misused by politicians to breach peace. If we help these youth change their reasoning we will be safeguarding a whole generation,” reiterated Mr. Noor.

He also said the tournaments are a tool to deter youth from criminal activities and violent extremism.

[KRCS Mombasa branch Chairperson Mahmoud Noor (left) joining youth during the 2nd edition of CBO soccer tournament. Photo/courtesy].

The renowned youth mentor appealed to the youth to seek advice and guidance so that they do not plunge into regrets.

He said the humanitarian body, KRCS Mombasa branch has been closely working with the youth in various community activities and encouraging them to volunteer in various social activities.

In the second edition of the CBO soccer tournament, the KRCS Mombasa youth team emerged the winner.