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Journalism, career with vast challenges- Solomon Zully reveals



By; Maxwell Ngala


Despite being a devoted Christian, he has worked in an Islamic based station Radio Salaam for over five years before he jumped off to a different wagon the newest ‘Sauti ya Pwani’ FM another Islamic based radio station early this year.

The young talented journalist is passionate about his work, he is a renowned Master of ceremony, a public speaker, has been a judge in various auditions and has in the recent past graced official, corporate, social and entertainment functions in Mombasa and beyond.

Solomon Zully seats in the Makupa based radio station live studio engaging his immeasurable audience from 7-10 pm on week days, discussing current and political affairs, devolution and other social issues.

Zully, who has been a news and feature reporter, an editor, a senior news anchor, breakfast show presenter, a political talk show ‘Kongamano’ host at Radio Salaam is practicing the same at Sauti ya Pwani FM, admits that his tribe is journalism and he has a great passion in it.

Zully, who in his 6 year radio broadcasting career rubbed shoulder with the high and mighty including President Uhuru Kenyatta right at the Mombasa state house last year is a composed, calculated, hardworking and humble radio personality.

[President Uhuru Kenyatta with Top Coast radio personality Solomon Zully at Mombasa state house. Photo/Maxwell]

“Most journalists mistake their being close to politicians as growth in their career, no, you may dine and wine with politicians but always remember you are not one of them,” he strongly retorted.

Though he openly admitted that he has a social life, Zully does not like wasting his precious time.

“As a media personality you are always busy, sourcing for news and feature stories, guests for your talk show and conducting research on what you will handle the next day, I have never had much time to waste,” he noted.

He love and value his family.

Zully,  a young, energetic and confident radio personality at the Coast disclosed that he discovered his public speaking art and after putting more efforts sharpening it, he has become a great public speaker and one who can control an official, corporate, social or entertainment function.

He revealed that being simple, focused, loving and understanding your work is the gateway to success.

The multi-award winner in tourism reporting is challenging journalists to be focused, conduct themselves in a professional manner and develop their career through upgrading their levels of education so that they also move their careers to the top.

“Being a radio presenter is not easy, at times you wake up at the dead of the night and start thinking of what to handle on air the next day so that you do not bore, discourage or lose your audience, remember you are addressing masses and you need to be extra careful,” he noted.

He dispelled rumors that he was turning into politics adding that journalism was his tribe and at the bottom of his heart.

“I do not know much about the future, it is safe in God’s hands, I do not regret my past, neither am I scared about my career in future,” he revealed with a broad smile as he turned on his on air microphone to engage his vast audience in the most listened evening live current affairs platform.