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Journalist turns spoken word artist

[Mombasa Sub-county senior Press Officer Mr. Hajj Ramadhan. Photo/courtesy].

He has worked in the radio industry as a news, sports and features reporter.

He later jumped into a regional TV station Pwani TV as a news reporter, editor, rising to a self-made commanding anchor.

Hajj Ramadhan later dropped and joined the Mombasa County Government as Senior Information Officer in the Sub-county administration office.

But what his cycle did not know is that Mr. Ramadhan is a Man of vast talents.

His new talent resurfaced recently when he presented an informative spoken-word piece on fighting Covid-19.

Hajj surprised his many friends and workmates since none has seen such outstanding piece from the professional, dedicated journalist.

Health production

In the piece that has Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho in its introductory part thanking Mombasa residents for obeying the health and safety measures to avert the spread of Coronavirus in Mombasa has attracted commendable shares and comments on various social media platforms.

Mr. Hajj has kept his journalism records safe for the years he has been practicing.

He has however lived a private life and mostly concentrating on what will facelift his current and future life.

[Senior journalist Mr. Hajj Ramadhan. Photo/courtesy].

He remains a character who never fears trying new things in life.

“Covid-19 pandemic is never a myth and the easy way to avert it is by washing your hands regularly with water and soap, maintaining physical distance and mostly stay at home,” he said.

Anti-Covid-19 campaigner

The experienced journalist moved many with his new composition joining the line of public figures in the anti-Covid-19 campaign in Mombasa.

Well, a journalist, an artist, photojournalist all culminates to a dedicated person he is.

He is yet to reveal his next production but by a wild guess it must be a sizzling hot item boiling in undisclosed destination, maybe a song, another spoken word piece, a poem or a one man informative dance.

A unique and outstanding aspect that many detected from the journalist is he has some foreign intonation that suggests he has lived abroad.

Well, that remains a mystery.