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Mahmoud Noor, the ‘father’ of technology, innovation and talent nurturing

[SwahiliPot-Hub Patron Mr. Mahmoud Noor. Photo/ Courtesy/SwahiliPot-Hub].

He is an engineer, a renowned computer scientist, an information and technology expert, but Mahmoud Noor has a unique touch to the community.

He is a social worker. However following his zeal to uplift the living standards of the youths in Mombasa and the entire Coast region he attained the name ‘Mentor 001’.

The young influential Noor has a vast experience in many fields but youth affairs remains at the bottom of his heart.

He is the ‘father’ of technology, innovation and talent nurturing.

Three years ago, Mr. Noor launched ‘SwahiliPot-Hub’ a technology and arts centre that has changed the lives of many talented youths in and outside Mombasa.

SwahiliPot-Hub creates space for talented youths to develop their arts and technology skills so that they directly earn from them.

“We have over 200 registered members, however we have created doors for over 600 youths who have since developed their talents and are directly reaping from them,” noted Mr. Noor.

At SwahiliPot-Hub, youths sharpen their technology skills through a free stable internet provided to the arts and technology centre by international fiber company Seacom.

[SwahiliPot-Hub Patron Mr. Mahmoud Noor./ Photo/Courtesy/SwahiliPot-Hub].

“We have also developed specific programs for the children, children attend their technology or arts sessions every Saturday,” noted Noor.

‘Mentor 001’ acknowledges that education and technical skills among youths are the base of their future.

He repeatedly divulged that the Kenyan education system should not have failures or allow any youth to idle around at home.

“This state of hopelessness among our youth has pushed them into juvenile criminal gangs, drugs, extremism and economic hardships among other drastic challenges facing the youth”, he disclosed.

The centre has attracted government’s attention with many dignitaries including Information, Communication and Technology-ICT Cabinet secretary Joe Mucheru, Technical, Education and Vocational Training-TVET Principal Secretary Kevit Desai among other top government officials flocking in to see how youths are innovating through technology.

“When the day breaks I only think about the youth and how I can change their lives through nurturing their talents,” he disclosed.

He has involved the youths in sports activities to deter them from drug use and other forms of evils in the society.

He is among the passionate keepers and sponsors of the old community soccer team Congo boys which is doing tremendously well in Division one league countrywide.

[Mr. Mahmoud Noor doing what he does best mentoring the young generation. Photo/ Courtesy/SwahiliPot-Hub].

Noor once indulged into active politics and was a close political ally to the former Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar Sarai, but he later dropped noting that politics was not among his close interests but youth’s development.

He has traversed the world only to acquire any resource that will keep him moving his goals of uplifting the youthful generation at the Coast.

Noor challenges the National and Mombasa County government to hold youth affairs with jealousy to deter them from social evils and state of pain and hopelessness.

His tireless efforts and boldhearted character has earned him recognition in many youth forums and initiatives at the Coast.

“I want to see youth indulging in constructive issues so that our generation does not live in despair but develop their skills and benefit from them,” Noted Mr Noor as he receives numerous calls from youth reminding him its time for mentorship session at the Swahilipot-Hub.