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Selfless queen volunteers to save Kenyan vulnerable families

[Rach Family Trust Executive Director Ms Nabina Bishwakarma. Photo/courtesy/Rach Family Trust].

Coming from a humble background might have been among the core reasons that pushed her to help the poor and vulnerable families across the globe.

Ms. Nabina Bishwakarma has amazed her peers and family back in the Middle East after she developed a special interest in serving the less fortunate families worldwide.

She reveals that her dream is to leave a memorable mark on families in various parts of the world.

“With the support of the Rach Group of Companies, Rach Family Trust has traversed the world distributing relief food and other basic requirements to the less fortunate,” she said.


Rach family Trust, a humanitarian organization has positively impacted the world.

Vulnerable families in India, Nepal, Pakistan, Malawi, and Kenya are benefiting from these efforts from a selfless, bold-hearted Nabina Bishwakarma and Mr. Ravi Rach, a couple.

[Nepal families receive relief food from Rach Family Trust. Photo/courtesy/ Rach Family Trust].

Apart from focusing on relief food distribution, Rach Family Trust also weighs into the health of the vulnerable families in India, Nepal, Pakistani, and some Africa countries among them Malawi and Kenya.

Ms. Nabina Bishwakarma reveals her interests in humanitarian aid across the world.

“By helping the neediest am at peace since the small things we do to others impacts their lives in a big way,” said the charitable selfless lady.


In Mtwapa, Kilifi County in Kenya for example, a total of 45 most vulnerable families are benefiting from monthly food distribution from Rach Family Trust.

Nabina Bishwakarma, the Trust Director says the families are vetted and the need to extend to them humanitarian aid is arrived at.

“These efforts have been as well triggered by the current Coronavirus pandemic where many families lost their source of livelihoods, we are here to lend a hand and salvage the situation,” she disclosed.

[Rach Family Trust Kenya representative Mr. Suleiman Ngala (Left) giving relief food to Kadzo Ngumbao (Right). Photo/courtesy/Suleiman Ngala].

One of the beneficiaries in Coastal Kenya, Kadzo Ngumbao says Rach Family Trust relief program has given her hope.

“I didn’t have anyone to depend upon and from Nabina and Mr. Ravi Rach, I get monthly food supply,” says Kadzo amid tears of joy.

On his part, Ravi Rach the CEO Rach Group of Companies says the families will receive food distribution even after Coronavirus pandemic is contained.