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Sponsor recovery drug users for technical training-Government urged



The central government should team up with Coastal counties to ensure recovery drug users are registered in technical and vocational training institutions.

Anti-drug lobby Reachout Centre Trust has appealed to both the National and Coast County governments to develop a program specifically for drug users whom disentangled themselves from the menace so that they get technical skills.

Reachout Centre Trust Executive Director Taib Abdulrahman said that the Anti- drug organisation has been working tirelessly to help youth out of drug addiction but there has been less concern from both the Central and Coastal County governments in ensuring that they launch programs geared towards assisting recovery addicts recollect their lives.

Mr. Taib said that it was noble for such recovery drug users registered in technical institutions so that they get technical skills to enable them employ themselves and employ their peers too.

He said that the youth who suffered addiction disease and willingly left the menace could easily relapse if no relevant programs are launched specifically for their upkeep.

“We are working towards reducing the effects of drug use among Coastal youths but after the successful programs what next?” posed Mr. Taib.

He said that since the government had a subsidiary of up to Ksh. 30,000 for youth registering in technical and vocational training institutions, it was worthy for such programs to also target those who recovered from drug use.

“Drug users are segmented among the key population in the country, it is time they get relevant government sponsored programs so that they do not relapse,” he retorted.

Taib said that currently methadone treatment implemented by the Mombasa County government, the United Nation Office Against Drugs and Crime-UNODC and other relevant partners has been tremendous, however he said that after they successful complete their treatment they remain stranded without any proper laid down strategies to economically uplift them.

He appealed to the Technical and Vocational Training Authority Principal Secretary Dr. Kevit Desai to meet various Anti drug organizations at the Coast so that they can dialogue on the issue and chat relevant measures.