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UK Gov’t, Future Females, to support 1,330 female-led digital enterprises

[Some of the beneficiaries of the Future Females programme. Photo/Philippa Dods].

After two successful years in partnership, Future Females and the UK Government’s International Tech Hub Network, have committed to increasing their support for female founders around the world through the Digital Access Programme.

The partnership has pledged to support an additional 1,330 early-stage female entrepreneurs through the Future Females Business School by March 2022, in addition to the 316 female founders who have already benefited from the innovative programme.

While 42.1% of women see the opportunity to start a business, just 10.2% of women are actually taking action, in fact, the female entrepreneurship participation rate has declined in 41% of countries in the past 2 years.

Covid-19 pandemic has also crippled many female-led businesses, with a December 2020 Future Females community survey finding 36.7% of entrepreneurs saying Covid-19 had a very negative impact on their business, and 75% stating they have an urgent priority to understand how to better leverage technology to meet the new market needs.

The partnership between the UK’s International Tech Hub Network and Future Females is a commitment to providing female entrepreneurs with the resources they need to gain digital skills and access the support needed to confidently start and grow their tech-based businesses, through the Future Females Business School accelerator program.

This support is resourced through the UK Government’s Digital Access Programme and will be offered to women across South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Indonesia and Brazil and will focus on supporting priority sectors (i.e. EdTech, HealthTech, FinTech, AgriTech), and will also include a specific program designed to support entrepreneurs in the GreenTech sector.

“We are proudly supporting female tech entrepreneurs around the world as part of our work to promote gender equality, diversity and inclusion, and to help boost sustainable economic growth in partner countries,” Media and Data Minister John Whittingdale.

He said technology has huge potential to tackle some of the world’s greatest challenges and that the programme will back innovators in addressing vital issues such as climate change and public health.

“We’re seeing incredible economic and social impact through the growth of digitally-enabled small businesses led by women who participate in the Future Females initiative. This aligns with the UK’s robust focus on gender equality, diversity and inclusion coupled with sustainable economic growth in partner countries around the world,” stated, Head of Digital Development, FCDO, UK Government Alessandra Lustrati.

Over 8,000 applications have been received since Future Females Business School launch in 2018.

According to Future Females CEO Lauren Dallas, women with high potential digital-based business ideas, who could not afford the program fees can now benefit from the Future Females-UK Government partnership.

Future Females Business School Programme

It is a three-month virtual accelerator programme, that combines a proven training methodology, with coaching, mentoring and peer-to-peer learning, to equip female entrepreneurs with the entrepreneurial skills and best practices needed to start and grow successful and sustainable businesses, that utilise technology to not only generate wealth for themselves, but to have a positive impact in their community, and environment.

Since originally partnering with the UK-South Africa Tech Hub in April 2018, this collaboration has enabled 316 female entrepreneurs to graduate from the program, with participants seeing an 88 percent increase in digital skills development, 95 percent uplift in confidence, and on average a 168 percent revenue increase in their businesses.


The Future Females Business School, in partnership with the International Tech Hub Network is for female entrepreneurs from South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Indonesia and Brazil, with an early-stage tech-based business or business idea that has the potential to make a positive social, economic or environmental impact.

How to apply

UK-Brazil Tech Hub programme: https://member.futurefemales.co/ffbs-uk-brazil-th-page

UK-Indonesia Tech Hub programme: https://member.futurefemales.co/ffbs-uk-indonesia-th-page

UK-Kenya Tech Hub programme: https://member.futurefemales.co/ffbs-uk-kenya-th-page

UK-South Africa Tech Hub programmes: https://member.futurefemales.co/ffbs-uksa-th-page

UK-Nigeria Tech Hub programmes: http://member.futurefemales.co/ffbs-uk-nigeria-th-page