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Anti-drug lobby disentangles women trapped in addiction

[Recovery drug user and Reachout Centre Trust Outreach worker Ms Debora Ebole. Photo/Tom Fondo].

A 39 year old Deborah Ebole expresses disbelief after suffering drug addiction in most of her youthful age.

Ebole now a mother of three looks up to her Creator in tears of pain and happiness, a mixed feeling she can’t describe.

It all started as a taste of ‘feeling good and forgetting your problems’ however, the outcomes were pain, psychological torture and 20 year life full of uncertainties.

She cannot tell who impregnated her in the first place since she used to sleep in drug dens becoming a ‘queen’ of many ‘kings’.

Ms Ebole blames peer influence that hugely plunged her into drugs.

“For women doing drugs, the only easy way to quench their thirst is by selling themselves to men and for cheaper prices since they cannot steal,” she reveals.

Five years, and Ebole now an outreach worker at an anti-drug lobby Reachout Centre Trust is thankful to the Organisation for receiving her, counselling and treating her to become useful person in her own society.

“I can now visit my children, though they are still at children’s home, I always visit to share memorable moments with them,” she says with a broad smile.

Ebole is not alone in the battle, her colleague also a Reachout Centre Trust organisation Elizabeth Sarah has had a tough, painful and unimaginable life.

Sarah dropped out of school after drugs took her hostage.

She clearly recalls how bright she was and through the influence of her peers, she was fully immersed into drugs and she shipped herself out of school.

Sarah opted to living in drug dens for almost a decade.

[Recovery drug user and Reachout Centre Trust Outreach worker Elizabeth Sarah. Photo/Tom Fondo].

“It is during my addiction that I got three children,” she says

However, the pain was too heavy to bear whenever she saw her children suffering and eight years later she stopped abusing drugs.

My parents and my siblings could not believe it but I just woke up one day and I quit,” she reveals.

However, for fearing or relapsing, she too like Ebole sought assistance from Reachout Centre Trust where she went through all recovering steps including counselling.

Sarah now a happy woman since for the last five years, she is ‘clean’

The Organisation’s Field officer Hawa Said says drug addiction especially on women has negatively impacted the society.

She says women compared to male drug users suffer in silence and need urgent help.

“I conduct most of my field work in Likoni Sub-County and some of the drug users ran away whenever they spot me, because most of them are my schoolmates, we were brought together in the same village and they are ashamed of their situation,” reveals Ms Said.

[Reachout Centre Trust Field Officer Ms Hawa Said. Photo/Tom Fondo].

She however never gave up but pursued his dreams of reinstating them into their normal lives.

“If one of them fully recovers and is reunited with his or her family that sooth my heart,” noted Ms Said.

She says when the Coastal community is well informed about the drug menace and encouraged to take part in the fight, it will be won.

On his part, Reachout Centre Trust Executive Director Taib Abdulrahman says the Organisation has reached more than 10,000 drug users since its inception in 2003.

According to the National Campaign Against Drug and Alcohol Abuse- NACADA, over 100,000 people in the Coast region are abusing drugs.

[Reachout Centre Trust Executive Director Taib Abdulrahman. Photo/Tom Fondo].

Taib says the Organisation is working towards implementing various human and social based approach in ensuring drug users access health services, are not incarcerated, they get all the required basic humanitarian services and when they fully recover from addiction, they be reunited with their families.

Though it’s never easy, Taib reveals that when properly approached, drug menace in the Coast region will be tamed.

“For this discourse to be a success, we need full support from the community, both the national and county government, justice actors and all stakeholders to work in unison,” reiterated the renowned anti-drug Czar.