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Activists to protest the ongoing Palestine-Israel War

[Bradley Ouna Palestine Liberation Advocacy Kenya (PLAK) convener addressing the media in Mombasa on the intended pro-Palestine peaceful procession in Mombasa on May, 4, 2022. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

Civil rights groups and pro-Palestine Muslims in Mombasa County will on Wednesday 4th, 2022 hold a peaceful walk to protest against the ongoing violence in the Middle East.

The protesters will converge at Uhuru Gardens along Moi Avenue to treasury square gardens at Mombasa County Offices to call for an end to the violence that has left many people dead in Palestine.

The peaceful walk is organised by Palestine Liberation Advocacy Kenya (PLAK) to condemn the wanton destruction of life and property in Gaza by the Israelis.

Addressing the media in Mombasa on Tuesday, (PLAK) convener Bradley Ouna condemned the ongoing inhuman atrocities being meted against Palestine by Israelites.

“We have seen the violence in Palestine and Israel. There are atrocities against humanity yet the world is mum. Humanity has totally failed. We cannot sit back and watch our brothers and sisters die,” Bradley said.

While condemning the ongoing war attacks between the two nations, Ouna said Palestine’s have been suffering for a long time due to the high hardness of the Jewish nation to cease fire against their neighbor.

“Nobody is raising a finger against the inhumanity war; we are calling the United Nations and other superpowers to intervene,” Bradley said.

Religious war

Ouna said the walk is supposed to compel Israel to cease fire before the violence triggers sympathy, which may cause it to escalate to a religious war.

He said the conflict between Israel and Palestine has been going on for decades and among the areas that have been the center of conflict include Gaza, the West Bank, and East Jerusalem.

Denied permit

The International relations activist also called the Mombasa County security agency to provide them with security during their peaceful procession, even though they have been denied permission by relevant police authority in the jurisdiction where the event will take place.

“We have taken a notification to the central police station in Mombasa that we are organising the demonstration but we have been refused permission, we don’t know why,” said Ouna.

He noted that among those who will be taking part in the peaceful procession include, Muslim community living in Mombasa, religious leaders, students from various colleges and universities in Mombasa and their leaders and pro-Palestine communities living in Mombasa.