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Afghan stowaways plane incident claims three lives

[The plane carrying the Afghan stowaways before taking off, Photo/courtesy]

A bizarre and horrifying clip has circulated on social media showing frantic Afghan stowaways filming themselves as they cling to a US plane moments before some fell hundreds of feet to their death.

At least three people are feared to have lost their lives while scores still remain unknown.

The video apparently shows the desperate civilians taking selfies and giving the thumbs up as it takes off from Kabul airport with crowds below cheering on.

The footage highlights the utter desperation of civilians fearing certain death if they are caught by the Taliban.

It follows several deeply distressing videos showing stowaways falling to their deaths soon after it was airborne.

Around 20 men are seen on the wheel bay as the plane goes by, with some even waving, in yet more footage.

Taliban checkpoints around Kabul airport are today blocking Afghans from accessing the terminal, making it difficult for the West to evacuate local staff who worked for Western forces, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas.

Mr. Maas at a press conference indicated that the Taliban have set up checkpoints everywhere in the city and have the entire area and the airport surroundings in their hands.