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Annan, lifelong justice, peace and dignity Champion-Amnesty

[Amnesty International Secretary General Kumi Naidoo. Photo/Amnesty International]

Amnesty International has termed the death of former UN-Chief Koffi Annan as a painful world loss following his selfless attitudes towards humanity.

Amnesty International Secretary General Kumi Naidoo said that Annan was a humanitarian and a social worker who would always want to see a united world that values humanity.

Speaking in South Africa on Saturday, Kumi said that the Nobel Peace winner inspired many and he was the father of Africa perturbed by violence linked to fighting for democratic space in the continent.

He said that the world is in great loss but his legacy will forever remain in the hearts of Africans and the world.

Naidoo said that the world has lost a great leader as Mr. Annan’s dedication and drive for a more peaceful and just world, quantified his lifelong championing for human rights, dignity and grace with which will be sorely missed in a world,

“I had the enormous privilege to work with Koffi on tackling climate change, poverty, and gender equality. I saw first-hand his deep commitment to partnerships with civil society in all the global challenges which the UN addressed,” added Mr. Naidoo.

He went on, “My heart goes out to his family. They will be joined by many others across the world in a profound sense of loss. We can seek comfort in knowing that Koffi’s legacy will inspire countless others to continue to fight for a more just world,”

The curtains closed down in Switzerland on Saturday for the 80 year old International Peace Icon and former UN- Secretary General after a short illness according to family.