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Anti-terror agencies on high alert as world terror ‘White Widow’ flee Somalia

[Global terror Samantha Lewthwaite also known as the 'White Widow'. Photo/ Interpol].

Global Anti-terror agencies have been once again put on high alert after world terror suspect Samantha Lewthwaite escaped Somalia.

Lewthwaite, who has been married to her fourth husband and lived in a no-go zone in Somalia for seven years is said to have broken up with her husband Sheikh Hassan Maalim Ibrahim.

According to UK’s Daily Mirror, it is believed that Sheikh Hassan divorced Samantha and ordered her not to appear in the no-go zone area in Somalia, since she will no longer receive the family protection.

“The 38 year old world terror suspect is said to have sailed through the waters on a dhow to Al-Qaeda controlled, Yemen,” said the report.

Lewthwaite was once married to a suicide bomber of the July, 7, 2005 London bombing famously known as 7/7.

The ‘White Widow’ was later married to bomb-maker Habib Ghani, who was in 2013, killed in Somalia.

“The terror woman and a mother of four later snatched a Kenyan dark, tall and handsome husband from the Kenya Navy Mr Abdi Wahid whose information whether he is still alive or dead remains a puzzle,” the report further indicated.

Samantha, the daughter of a British Soldier Lewthwaite fled the UK to South Africa in 2009 and her movements have been traced to Tanzania, in 2011, Mombasa, Malindi and Lamu in Kenya and later in Somalia.

The Interpol added Samantha in the red list after they linked her to the 2013 Westgate Mall attack where 66 people died and over 200 injured.

Samantha is also linked to the Garissa University attack in 2014 where 148 people mostly students died and scores were injured.

“The ‘White Widow’ has managed to wave around by having plastic surgeries done on her, adding and reducing weight, disguising her blue eyes, covering her body with Niqab veil and gloves as tactics to remain unrecognised so as to evade arrest.