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Lamu Youth Assembly President Habib Ali addresses the world in Turkey

[Lamu Youth Assembly President Mr Habib Ali Shee in Turkey. Photo/Courtesy].

Lamu Youth Assembly President Habib Ali Shee has challenged the globe to invest more on addressing challenges facing the youth world wide.

While addressing the globe in Turkey on a week long youth conference that saw a total of 200 countries represented, Mr Shee said youth in the world are experiencing various challenges that are as a result of a gap created by their own governments.

Mr Shee said there is no any state globally that can economically, socially and democratically develop without fully involving the youth.

The Lamu youth activist also noted that various countries have failed to ensure affordable higher education for their youthful generations, failed to create job opportunities to absorb the youth, provide old mode of training that does not enable youth become self reliant and have not recognised the leadership zeal and capabilities in youth within their counties.

“As youth we have to identify global challenges, lobby, fashion solutions and push for International collaborations so that we are safe and be able to sustain ourselves economically,” he told the participants.

Shee said there must be a globally approach and support to safeguard youth in the world to achieve sustainable development.

“Youth are a major aspect in propagating peace and security worldwide so they should be recognised and involved instead of further complicating the current situation,” said Mr Shee.

The Global Youth Conference organised by the United Nation was meant to empower the youth to fully participate in development, leadership and community development programs.

[Participants in the Global Youth Conference in Turkey. Photo/Courtesy].

The conference that started in 12th November, 2021 ended today Monday after four days of serious deliberations among the youth who worked towards arriving at global solutions to address global challenges affecting the youth globally.