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Muslims cry for Palestine, Israel as conflict escalates

[The volatile situation in Gaza. Photo/Reuters].

The Muslims Fraternity in Mombasa has called for an urgent intervention in quelling the ongoing conflict in Gaza strip.

While marking Eid-ul-Fitr prayers at the Ronald Ngala grounds in Mombasa on Friday, Former Chief Kadh Sheikh Ahmad Mohammad Kassim appealed to the United Nation to move in and contain the volatile situation in Gaza.

Sheikh Kassim said both Muslims and non-Muslims are suffering following the intensive battle between Palestine and Israel.

“The world cannot stay mum over the matter, and all efforts must be invented in protecting the suffering families,”

Sheikh Kassim called on the International community to strive towards calming down the situation before it yields to worldwide religious hatred.

His sentiments were fully backed by Mvita Member of Parliament Abdulswamad Sharif Nassir who said the pain experienced by the Palestine and Israel families is as well experienced worldwide.

Human rights violation

He said the Kenyan Government should not remain quiet but instead join the world in condemning the inhumanity in Gaza.

“We are all human and no one should entertain such occurrences in Palestine and Israel,” said Nassir.

Speaking at the same function, Jomvu Member of Parliament Badi Twalib said Kenyans need to stand out against any form of gross human rights violation even when witnessed across the borders.

No surrender

Meanwhile, Israel has intensified its assault on Gaza, as Palestinian militants continue to fire rockets into Israel on the fifth day of hostilities.

[Former Chief Kadhi Sheikh Ahmad Mohammad Kassim. Photo/Tom Fondo].

Israel’s military said air and ground forces were involved in attacks on Friday but had not entered Gaza.

Video from Gaza City showed the night sky lit up by explosions from Israeli artillery, gunboats and air strikes.

Some 119 people have been killed in Gaza and eight have died in Israel since fighting began on Monday.

Meanwhile, Jewish and Israeli-Arab mobs have been fighting within Israel, prompting its president to warn of civil war.

Defence Minister Benny Gantz ordered a “massive reinforcement” of security forces to suppress the internal unrest that has seen more than 400 people arrested.

Police say Israeli Arabs have been responsible for most of the trouble and reject the accusation that they are standing by while gangs of Jewish youth target Arab homes.