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NBS TV under fire for allegedly conspiring in Uganda election fraud


The National Unity Platform -NUP political party in Uganda has protested the alleged participation of Uganda’s NBS Television in the rigging the country’s January, 14 general polls.

NUP President Robert Kyagulanyi famously known as Bobi Wine, a presidential candidate in the election has written a protest letter against the station alleging it conspired with other actors to block the will of Ugandans.

According to Bobi Wine, Uganda’s poll was neither free nor fair and could not be substantiated as transparent.

Mr. Wine said NBS TV announced the results even before the official polling stations announced the official tally.

“We wonder where did this TV Station gathered the results yet the polling station were yet to release the official election results,” said Wine in the protest letter.

The protest letter dated 27, January, 2021 also poked holes in the manner in which NBS Television broadcasted the results showing Yoweri Museveni taking an early lead with at least 63% of the total vote cast.

“With the internet shut and electricity cut off in most of Uganda areas how did the channel manage to stream live the results from polling stations,” reiterated The top musician cum politician.

He accused the station for being lured into Museveni’s electoral malpractices.

Kyagulanyi demanded NBS TV to apologylise to Ugandans and admit that it conspired with other actors to ensure Museveni is declared the winner of the January, 14, 2021 presidential race despite having clear knowledge that Museveni terribly lost to NUP.

Wine suspects that Museveni benefited the media establishment with material things so that it dances to his tune.

With such strong allegations and demands from Bobi wine, the Next Media Services LTD owned NBS TV credibility hangs in the balance.