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Nigerian lawyer files complaint against Uganda to the UN

[Boby Wine, Wife and niece under house arrest. Photo/Bobi Wine].

As other Africa countries stay mum over the gross human rights violation witnessed in Uganda, Nigerian human rights lawyer Femi Falana has filed a special complaint to the United Nation over Uganda’s president-elect Yoweri Museveni.

Falana is complaining of Bobi Wines house arrest.

In the complaint Falana wants the UN to intervene and stop human rights violation against innocent Ugandans and specifically presidential candidate Bobi Wine.

US Ambassador

This comes after US ambassador to Uganda Natalie E. Brown  who made an effort to visit Robert Kyagulanyi famously known as Bobi Wine was turned away from the gate by soldiers who have been holding Bobi and his wife captive for 7 days now.

Natalie was blocked by Ugandan security forces from visiting the presidential candidate on Monday.

Mr. Wine has been under house arrest after the military surrounded his home since last Friday.

Uganda’s long-time leader President Yoweri Museveni was declared winner for sixth term, amid an internet blackout and malpractice allegations.

In an official Facebook post, Natalie said she had visited Wine to check on his health and safety, because he has “effectively been unable to leave his home, with security forces surrounding his residence,”

The post further said “Uganda’s election campaigns were marred by harassment of opposition candidates, campaign staff, and supporters, suppression of the media and civil society organisation activities and a nationwide internet shutdown before, during, and after voting day,”

Speaking through one of his associates, Wine said he had run out of food and that Brown was unable to leave any with him.

“The main motivation for us to keep doing what we’re doing in the face of all of this intimidation is because what we are doing is moral,” said Bobi Wine.

[A copy of the complaint]

He continued, “The 18-month old niece of Wine’s wife, Barbara Itungo Kyagulanyi, is in the residence and her father has been denied access because nobody is allowed to leave or come into the compound,”

Rigged poll

Wine rejected Saturday’s election results, saying he has evidence of fraud and intimidation. He did not provide details of that alleged evidence, saying his team would share it when communications lines were restored.

Uganda’s government spokesman, Ofwono Opondo, said Brown shouldn’t “cry for Ugandans.”

“For Natalie to cast doubt that elections wouldn’t be ‘credible’ merely because the US embassy had voluntarily pulled out of observation, is aimless shooting,” he said in the piece, which he posted on his Twitter page.