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Trump angered, storms out of press conference

[US President Donald Trump. Photo/courtesy].

In what some referred to as a ‘racist temper’, US President Donald Trump abruptly ended a White House Coronavirus press briefing after he told an Asian American reporter to ‘ask China that question’ and then he faced a pushback from a persistant CBS News female reporter Weijia Jiang.

Ms Jiang wanted to know why American Coronavirus figures were soaring every day despite all the efforts in taming the deadly virus.

“Why are you directing the question to me?” she said in persistence however Trump said he was directing it to all journalists in the latest Coronavirus briefing.

Earlier in the press conference, another reporter asked Trump about his tweet on Sunday accusing former President Barack Obama of the ‘biggest political crime in American history, by far!’ The reporter asked Trump what exact crime he was saying Obama had committed. “You know what the crime is,” Trump said.

Later, Trump walked out of his latest news briefing following the exchange with two female reporters, including telling an Asian American journalist to “ask China”.

The death toll from Coronavirus in the United States has hit 80, 087 people

Barely two months ago the US Coronavirus death toll was at 38 people.