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Uhuru to meet Trump at Whitehouse

[President Uhuru Kenyatta meeting US President at a past function. Photo/Courtesy]

President Uhuru Kenyatta is set to meet US President Donald Trump on the 26th this month

Statehouse Spokesperson Kanze Dena revealed that Trump will host President Kenyatta on that material day so as do discuss issues pertaining security, trade and development.

Addressing the press at Mombasa statehouse on Monday afternoon, Kanze said that the two leaders have a lot to discuss especially on development and security issues.

Kanze also revealed that President Uhuru is at the Coast to inspect projects and the ongoing construction of various mega projects initiated by the Jubilee government.

“He is the one who launched the projects and he is down here to inspect the progress if the work is per the agreement,” she added.

Kanze however denied that the President was on a political tour adding that the President was only propagating for equitable resource distribution for all.