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YouTube blocks anti-Covid vaccine content

[YouTube photo].

YouTube will block all anti-vaccine content.

This is even after the online video channel ban on false information about the COVID vaccines to include content that contains misinformation about other approved vaccines.

Content that claims the flu vaccine causes infertility and that the MMR shot, which protects against measles, mumps and rubella can cause autism will not be allowed on YouTube.

The online video company owned by Alphabet Inc. is also banning channels associated with several prominent anti-vaccine activists including Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Joseph Mercola according to a statement from YouTube Spokesperson on Wednesday.

A press email for Mercola’s website said “We are united across the world, we will not live in fear, we will stand together and restore our freedoms,”

The moves come as YouTube and other tech giants among them Facebook Inc. and Twitter Inc. have been criticized for not doing enough to stop the spread of false health information on their sites.

The move is facing strong backlash worldwide.

Russian state-backed broadcaster RT’s German-language channels were deleted from YouTube, as the company said the channels had breached its COVID-19 misinformation policy.

Russia on Wednesday called the move “unprecedented information aggression,” and threatened to block YouTube.