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6,000 shillings for your love every Sunday?

[Renowned top radio personality Gates Mgenge at Pwani FM live studios. Photo/Courtesy/April, 16, 2022].

A renowned Radio presenter recently shocked many men after he suggested that men should give their love at least Ksh. 6,000 every Sunday.

Pwani FM Presenter Gates Mgenge suggested that at least every Sunday, a man need to give his wife, girlfriend, lover six thousand Kenya shillings for their upkeep.

Since women love shopping, making their hair, visiting families, friends and having untitled range of parties and celebrations they need such an amount.

Do you agree with the renowned entertainer, who keeps us glued to the radio for the hot youthful music show at Pwani FM’s Mashav Mashav mid-morning show?

Not a bad idea, but have you tried dishing out such an amount or rather when did you last check on your woman with at least a thousand shillings?

Despite the economic hardships you need to go an extra mile and hit that love of your life with at least Ksh. 6,000 weekly or even more.

“Ni wazo tu, Wanaume mwaonaje kila Sunday tuwape wapenzi Ksh. 6,000? Ni wazo tu,” posted the DJ. This loosely translates to… Men how about giving out Ksh. 6,000 to your love every Sunday? This is just a suggestion.

Tomorrow is Sunday, and Easter Sunday for that matter. Will you give it a try?

Anyway, try it at your own risk, but the results can be extremely good!