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Ally-B on peace campaign trail in Mombasa

[Coast Based artist Ally-B during the interview. Photo/Maxwell Ngala]

Coast based renowned artist Ally-B is planning to launch a peace campaign in Mombasa in a bid to change youth trapped in criminal gangs.

The vocal artist who is also planning to release his news songs about peace and youth said that the situation needed peers to be in the forefront in ensuring that youth become peace ambassadors and not criminals.

Ally-B who recently expressed his major concerns about the reemergence of juvenile criminal gangs in Kisauni, Mombasa County said that peace campaign will deter many youth from being recruited in criminal gangs.

He said youth should learn from the recently devastating occurrences in Kisauni where youth were being executed over the rising crime in the area.

The artist and a role model to youth said that he will use his talent to deter youth from crime.

“I have arrived to the decision of launching a peace campaign in Mombasa and which will be extended to the entire Coast region, we want to see well focused youth and not criminal gangs,” he said.

Ally- B who goes by his official names Ali Khamis Mwakaribu and an afro-fusion artist said that he was ready to partner with other artists and peace ambassadors in the region to change youth from criminal gangs to peace and development ambassadors.

“We are focusing on taking the Coastal leadership and we are here being executed every day by Security agents and mob, who will take the leadership battle forward?” he posed.

Ally-B who is well known for his Mijikenda songs among them Soldier revealed that plans are already underway and soon the peace campaign will be launched in Kisauni before stretched to other parts of the County and at the Coast.

During this year’s International Day of Peace celebrations at Karisa Maitha grounds in Kilifi County, Ally-B appealed to the youth to focus more on uplifting their living standards and deter from killing the elderly in the county for allegations that they were indulging in witchcraft.