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Am not dead! – ‘Vioja Mahakani’ prosecutor Gibson Mbugwa


One of the longest comedian in the oldest TV drama series ‘Vioja mahakamani’ Gibson Mbugwa has dispelled rumours that he is dead.

Mbugwa who played the role of a prosecutor in the KBC oldest educative drama series said he is alive and kicking.

The ‘Prosecutor’ who played a big role in ensuring the public fully understand the law and all its aspects said he was amazed to see such information about his death allover the social media.

“I am not dead and I thank God for the gift of life todate,” said Mr. Mbugwa.

Mbugwa alongside Mama Kayai, the late Mzee Ojwang’, Nyokakwota among other hilarious crew graced living rooms in the 80’s and 90’s in the Vioja Mahakamani’ drama series that aired on the national broadcaster KBC TV.

The program, hilarious it could be, it explained various aspects of the laws giving the layman free public knowledge on law and human rights.

[‘Vioja Mahakamani’ crew Led by Gibson Mbugwa (right) with KFCB CEO Dr. Ezekiel Mutua. Photo/courtesy].

However the reality of the casts dawned on Kenyans when Mzee Ojwang’ died in acute poverty.

Mzee Ojwang’ s death though pained Kenyans, it opened a different chapter of Kenya comedians who despite gracing our living rooms and making us happy, they live in despair.

The program later ceased with some of its cast participating in another TV drama series ‘Daktari’.

Daktari has been airing on KTN Home.

Mbugwa famously known as ‘The Prosecutor’ has urged Kenyans to dispell the rumors being propagated on social media that he is dead.