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Artist Diamond Platnumz YouTube account restored.

[Tanzania's top talented artist Diamond Platinumz. Photo/Courtesy/April, 04, 2022].

Diamond Platinumz the renowned East and Sub-Saharan Africa top artist is once again smiling after his YouTube account was restored.

On Monday, the account was terminated, however, Diamond’s IT Manager Kim Kyando said it was hacked by Bitcoin scammers who replaced his content including photos with those of Elon Musk, the richest person in the world.

Musk wants to purchase Twitter company at a tune of 5.1 trillion Kenyan shillings.

Diamond’s YouTube account has over 700 songs with the latest being the Wonder that is doing well in the entertainment scene worldwide.

Diamond has over 6.7 million subscribers on the channel.

Earlier, it was reported that YouTube terminated the account, however, Kyando says there has been several attempts of hacking the account.

The artist is in the UK popularising his First of All (FOA) Album.