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Artists who deserve airplay don’t get any, says DJ Pinye

[DJ Pinye. Photo/courtesy]

Unapologetic DJ ‘Pinye’ has once again scoffed at Kenyan media for ignoring young talents in the music industry.

‘Pinye’ who has been on the receiving end in the recent past after he openly termed Kenyan music as ‘No content genres’ said he is unapologetic and wants Kenyan artists to venture into ‘real music’ and not mediocrity.

Dj ‘Pinye’ who has a strong zeal in music and always strives to uplift the upcoming talents said it is until stakeholders unite for a good course that’s when Kenya music will fly higher.

Speaking on KTN News Friday briefing program ‘Pinye’ told Jessy Rodgers the host, that it is time the Kenya entertainment industry focuses on the young talents who are way above the normal creativity line.

“I have decided to focus more on the beats, drums and vocals, that’s why am nurturing the young artists to become international star,” he said.

Pinye who turned 48 this week said that it has been a long journey and what he wanted to see is the media industry embracing young talents and uplifting them.

“I am now focusing more on the likes of Eric Wainaina since despite such composition, they have been forgotten,” he added.

Peter Gatama Chuani famously known as DJ ‘Pinye’ molded Octopizzo, Gidi Gidi Maji Maji, Mercy Myra and now focuses on young task among them Leyla Mohammed in his ‘Dream to beats’ initiative where he develops Afro-fusion genres.

‘Pinye’ say the industry needs an overhaul and artists fully supported and guided so that they produce real music and not petty gossips only to hit in a week and vanish for years.