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Asena FM it is!

[Pilipili FM logo. Photo/Courtesy].

After weeks of speculation after all Pilipili FM staff were declared redundant and their positions replaced by Radio kaya team, Pilipili FM has now acquired a new name.

‘Asena’ is a Mijikenda word that loosely translates to Brothers and Sisters or colleagues.

The name was arrived at prior to the station relaunch in early May this year which will broadcast in the native Mijikenda language and Swahili.

The fight is said to be between Asena FM and Radio kaya what a battle for the Coastal audience!

Asena FM has an axe to grind since Radio kaya has been the most listened radio station at the Coast since its launch 2007. It boasts of a bigger command of audience across the Coastal region, resonating with all walks of life, age brackets and gender.

Asena FM under Mediamax Limited is said to be prepared to take over the Coastal audience.

The top management is still scouting for more staffs and News reporters but only those with a vast understanding of the native Mijikenda language being Giryama, Duruma, Digo among other local dialects.

A series of road shows is already lined up to ensure it hold on to the already flooded Coastal market.

Asena FM which is linked to Deputy President William Ruto is said to have hit the new staffs with a very fat cheques of between sh. 80,000 and sh. 150,000.

What a handsome pay for a regional radio station!

A pay that attracted all Radio kaya staff and a section from KBC’s sister station Pwani FM.

Jambo entertainment forum will definitely keep the tabs for you as the Coast media ‘transfer window’ hots up.