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Bahari FM to raid Coast region top radio presenters


Royal media service owned Bahari FM is set to raid top Coast radio presenters beginning 2019.

The top managers of the radio station which broadcasts in the Coast region are strategizing on how to beat the stiff competition posed by other rival regional stations.

According to sources Bahari FM will be revamped so that it beats the stiff competition from top Kwale based radio station Radio kaya.

Radio kaya that broadcasts both in Swahili and local dialect has been a darling to many especially the native Coastal Mijikenda community.

Radio kaya breakfast show which is hosted by Beatrice Dama Kahindi and a comedian Kura Tsuma (Kalambua) has topped the Coastal breakfast shows making the radio station a household in the region.

Bahari FM is said to target the breakfast show ‘Voroni enehu’ (Good morning brothers and sisters) so that the Duo revamp Bahari FM’s Kudzacha breakfast show to become a purely Mijikenda show.

If that comes to play, then Radio kaya will suffer major setback as Beatrice famously known as Tausi wa Radio kaya has recruited and hold breakfast show audience for more than eight years now.

The royal media and Radio kaya rivalry resurfaced immediately when Radio kaya was launched way back in July 2007 where all the presenters were poached to Royal media service to start Bahari FM in 2008.

Among the presenters who left Radio kaya for Bahari FM were Tatu Amani, Rukia Tsuma and Emma Marevu, Tatu Amani has since resigned and is said to have joined the Kenya Ferry Services.

The second raid also saw Radio kaya lose Nzula Makosi PPO, Captain Lui and Juma Mdoe to Baraka FM. However, less than a year Gunga Kitsao famously known as PPO returned to Radio kaya while Nzula Makosi went to Milele FM but she resigned and has since joined the newest Television station ‘Switch TV’.

Bahari FM in its new quest is also targeting Radio Rahma’s sports crew among them Luqman Mahmoud and Baraka FM’s Entertainment crew.

A recent interview which was recently conducted in Mombasa saw all top radio presenters at the Coast attending.