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CA shuts Mount Kenya TV over explicit content

[The Communication Authority of Kenya Headquarters. Photo/Courtesy/CAK].

The Communication Authority of Kenya has shut down Mount Kenya Television for a period of one month after it aired explicit content.

CAK Acting Director General Mercy Wanjau said on April, 19, at 2 pm, the Television channel owned by MS/Slopes Media House Limited aired a program that showed explicit content.

The authority has further slammed the channel with half a million shillings fine.

According to Ms Wanjau, despite given time to defend themselves before the Authority on April, 22, the management did not openly explain to the Authority how the content made its way to the channel servers.

Ms Wanjau said the Authority will not take lightly the behaviour of some media establishments airing insensitive content during the day when children are actually at home spending most of the time watching television and cartoon programs.

 “Though the TV station management acknowledged the mistake, it failed to expound on how the offensive content made it to it`s servers,” she said.

The law

She further revealed that Mt. Kenya TV violated part IV (19) of the Kenya, Information and Communications (Broadcasting) Regulations of 2009, which prohibits the presentation of sexual matters explicitly and offensively.

It also noted the licensee breached part IV (20) of the same regulations that outlaws the airing of harmful content to children during the watershed period.

Wanjau further stated the station had contravened Section 3.3.5 and 3.3.6 of the programming code that outlaws the airing of promotional content that contains violence and one which contains images of strong sexual nature, respectively.

In the cartoon program aired on Mount Kenya TV, it showed a Man and a woman having sex.

In March, 2020, the Authority slammed Radio Group Africa owned HomeBoyz radio with a one million shillings fine and suspended the breakfast show `Lift-off` for a period of six months.