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Coast based artist ventures into anti-drug abuse campaign

[Coast based artist Amoury Beyby (L ) with Reachout Executive Director Taib Abdulrahman (R ). Photo/Maxwell]

Coast based youthful artist Amoury Beyby has changed his wings by making unique productions that aims at deterring youth from using drugs.

Amoury well known for his hit song ‘Sebene’ that he involved former Mombasa County government Youth, gender and sports Executive member Mohammed Abbas said that Coastal youth need to be disentangled from drug abuse.

In a meeting with Reachout Centre Trust an anti-drug lobby Executive Director Taib Abdulrahman at Old town drop-in-centre in Mombasa, Amoury said that by focusing more on informative pieces, he will have played a major part in deterring youth from indulging in the menace.

He revealed that issues surrounding rehabilitating those trapped in using drugs and reintegrating them into the society were the top agenda in his meeting with Mr. Taib.

The renowned youthful artist well known for his track ‘Say no to drugs’ and ‘Mombasa yetu’ revealed that he was also pressing on self reliance and education among the Coastal youth.

“Our parents’ hearts are bleeding whenever they see youth immersed in using drugs we must take action to save our peers,” he noted.

Amour who is currently doing a special anti-drug abuse track to be featured in this year’s International day against drug abuse to be marked at the Tononoka grounds on the 26th of June said that he was focusing more on youths since they were the pillars of future development for Coastal counties.

“We know the magnitude of drug menace in the Coast region, if we tame it, we will have secured education, employment and saved the vast talents among our youth,” he added.

On his part, Reachout Centre Trust Executive Director Taib Abdulrahman challenged local artists in the region to venture into informative productions so that they change and uplift the lives of their peers.

Taib said that crusading against drug addiction among the youth will save many youth from the trap.

He said that the anti-drug lobby was ready to work closely with such young artist so as to create awareness on the negative impact of drugs among the Coastal youth.