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Coast filmmakers urged to embrace local dialect

[KFCB Coast region Manager Bonventure Kioko. Photo/Elvis Kenga].

Local filmmakers have been advised to leverage the power of indigenous languages to grow the country’s film industry.

Speaking to journalists at Swahilipot Hub in Mombasa during the premiering of a coast indigenous film ‘The man from the painting’ produced by local filmmakers from Coast, Coast Region Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) Manager Bonventure Kioko challenged the film makers to embark on the journey of local films which rhymes with Kenyan people’s lives.

Kioko said the local film the industry is growing at a fast rate given the kind of exposure and support stakeholders are getting.

Kioko said with the growing technology, the picture quality of local films has become better over the years and urged local filmmakers to borrow a leaf from Nollywood film Industry which is Nigeria’s second-largest employer.

However, Kioko said few challenges linger such as poor storytelling and not telling our own stories in our own indigenous languages.

“It is time we have content that rhymes with our lives. Viewers want to see themselves in the content. We are not caricaturing our lives and laughing at ourselves” he said.


He said one of the reasons the film industry is lagging behind in the production of vernacular films is the tendency to copy movies from Hollywood and other big industries.

[Renowned Actor Kenneth Ambani famously known as Baraza. Photo/courtesy/Swahilipot Hub].

Kioko urged the local film industry players to increase local film content that can compete favourably with the international content.

The film officer says that Kenyan film can be used to showcase this country’s culture and counter the myths about Kenya.