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Court banned singer Craig David’s ‘Stalker’

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SINGER Craig David has been stalked for five years by an obsessive fan who believes she is his girlfriend, a court heard yesterday.

Tanya Jeal, 31, has now been banned from contacting the Superstar under a stalking protection order.

The infatuated author allegedly turned up at his home and repeatedly buzzed his intercom system while holding up a photo taken with him five years ago.

Jeal also booked into the same hotel as the star, contacted his parents and stood motionless at the front of the stage during a recent gig while holding up the same photo, it was claimed.

Craig stated in the order that Jeal posted on Snapchat: “I know you love me.”

The singer added she would even use fire exits to reach his hotel room and repeatedly knock on his door.

The Met Police obtained the interim order on Craig’s behalf. Michael Rhimes, representing the force, told Highbury Corner magistrates’ court in North London: “It is clear she is infatuated with him. It is clear she thinks he is her boyfriend. He is not.”

He added: “She has made comments attempting to incriminate his managing team. She seems to think this is a ­Britney Spears-type situation where she thinks his management is exploiting him.”

Craig did not attend the hearing yesterday.