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Cyprian Nyakundi bursts ‘high class’ ladies

[Musician Victoria Kimani. Photo/Cyprian Nyakundi]

A renowned blogger Cyprian Nyakundi is at it again after he recently bursted a renowned musician Victoria kimani.

Kimani a renowned song writer, singer, actress among many other vast talents she is blessed with caught herself in Nyakundi’s forum who gnashed her for not getting married.

Nyakundi, a fearless blogger I always envy gave Ms Kimani free advice that she should get married or left getting old like some other ladies who purports to be of ‘high class’.

Nyakundi goes ahead and ask Ms Kimani to deter herself from women like Akothe who are misleading her and that she should humble herself and get a husband.

Nyakundi who once dropped the ‘Slay queen ‘ issue that took the country by storm and recently found its ways through the corridors of justice during the hearing of Jackie Maribe’s and Jowie Monica Kimani murder case is known for his fearless hard hitting statements on any disturbing issue.

He has crushed ladies of purposedly ‘high standards’ highlited on fraud in the banking sector among other political hidden stories.

So for the ‘high class’ ladies with negative attitude towards everyone and everything or those ‘Celebs’ kindly adhere to Nyakundi’s advice and get married before its ‘too late’.