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Devastated employee leak grave allegations against RMS

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In unbelievable information leaked in emails the Royal Media Services-RMS credibility hangs in the balance.

The unknown employee, aggrieved by the pathetic way of managing the giant and leading media establishment in Kenya spilled the beans, however the allegations are yet to be substantiated by the RMS Management.

In the email, the employee describes RMS as a pain in the ass, after it brought in new lot barely two years ago that is heavily paid, completely ignoring loyal employees who have worked for the media house for years.

According to the employee, staff playing the ‘donkey role’ earn peanuts of up to 40,000 shillings while those who check in the studio read news and go home pocketing not less than 700,000 shillings monthly.

The employee in despair warns that in few years to come, RMS will remain an empty building.

The employee further went ahead calling the leading media house with 38% commanding viewership countrywide as a ‘brothel’.

The emails explained what journalists go through in various media houses with the complaint clearly indicating sexual favours before one is employed in the media house

Royal Media Services owns the leading TV station Citizen Television and Radio Citizen among other 11 radio stations countrywide.