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Do these two shop together?

[KTN News reporter Tobias Chanji (Left) with Mombasa County Secretary Dennis Lewa. Photo/courtesy].

KTN News Coast based reporter Tobias Chanji and Mombasa County Secretary Dennis Lewa are not just simple persons.

The two wears the same classic and expensive clothes.

Chanji, a renowned news reporter who is dating a lady from England is not a cheap person and wears differently.

He keeps official and his shopping may not be just any simple shopping when he decides to.

His appearance is always official and even when he decides to be casual it is not just casual wear but expensive casual.

In two separate photos the two gentlemen appear to be wearing the same pink checked official shirts.

Mr. Lewa while addressing journalists at the Moi international airport in Mombasa when receiving over 100 students who arrived in the country from Sudan where they were stranded since the Covid-19 strike, he matched shirt with Mr. Chanji, a senior Coast based KTN News reporter.